Disappointing coffee leaves a bitter taste

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Ok, so twice a week now I treat myself to a coffee that I don’t make with one of our sadly crappy coffee machines.

Once I take myself out during the week. Usually midweek as a treat. And once on the weekend Ianiv & I will go to a cafe to relax and read.

So, you can imagine that I look forward to these little coffee breaks. They are now a pattern of relaxation.

However, I am finding some disappointment in the refinement of my palete. I can no longer just sit back and enjoy a coffee, no matter where it comes from. I now get a bit grumpy if my coffee doesn’t match up with my level of expectation. I know as a reviewer who only goes out twice a week I will likely encounter many such instances. But it is nonetheless frustrating when I hand over both my money and my expectation for a relaxing hour to a bad cup of brew.

I have been thinking this since Sunday, when I badly needed a little break. Took Ianiv over to the Caffe Dall’ Acqua where I’d had a good, but not great, coffee. Well, it was awful expierience wise. Although the coffee was not bad, I felt like I was drinking coffee no better than I could have made. So sad. Although I could otherwise have enjoyed the coffee, it did sour my relaxation.

So, that is my rant. The more coffee I drink, the more picky I get. I expect quality and the impression I get from a bad experience is quite lasting indeed.

Disappointing coffee at Epicurean

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I had a disappointing coffee experience at Epicurean this morning. Ianiv & I had a nice morning planned. We got up and got out of the house at a reasonable time. Went for breakfast. Decided upong Epicurean. I wanted pancakes. Those were good. However, the coffee was not. Bitter. Too strong. Tangy.

I am not sure why the coffee disappointed me. It’s a place that I usually get a really creamy, really smooth cup. Never been disappointed before. I realize it was busy. Really busy. Trendy place to be, no doubt. And it was even the owner pulling my drink. So, maybe he felt rushed. But I think, to keep customers coming in and keeping the cafe busy, he should perhaps take the time to make a good espresso.

That’s my rant for the day. :)