Ok, so today I went over to the Drive again to go to a cafe I spotted while walking last weekend. It was just packed, and seemingly was an Italian hotspot for a casual lunch and coffee. And I was right. The vibe was amazing. It was a tad loud and everyone seemed a bit hyped up (coffee?), but it was a real uplifter. The barista was just over the top friendly. Excellent service. Even offered to add the sugar/milk for me (yes, heated milk). It was really a neat experience. We didn’t stay for lunch, but it seemed a good place to sit. I wouldn’t qualify it as “relaxed” but it was definitely a fun place. Very Romanesque too.

The coffee. Well, it was different. Not necessarily different in a bad way, but it had a whole different body of flavour. I don’t necessarily know if I like it for what it is. I was not able to drink my Americano without sugar/milk (I only do on rare occassions anyway, but I did try). I really tried to pin down what made it different. First, the machine was different. It was a Nuova Simonelli. Might make a difference. And perhaps the roast and the bean were different. It was too busy to ask. It had a bold note with something of a kick - not a tart kick but something along the lines of what I want to call spicy. If anyone else has tried the espresso-based beverages here, I could use some other insight! I think I wouldn’t actively seek out this type of coffee as it does not suit my preferences, but I did enjoy it nonetheless.

Atmosphere: 86%
Service: 95%
Coffee: 80%

location: 1745 Commercial Drive