One of the main reasons Arieanna and I started this blog is that we want to learn more about coffee. And by having a blog about coffee we could maybe start a conversation with people who know more than us and can teach us something. So I’m happy to say that this is actauly happening.

Last night Alistair from The Elysian Room left a few comments in some of our posts. One of the points us to an article in CoffeeGeek about the coffee crisis. I didn’t know there was a coffee crisis, but after reading the article I will start paying more attention to the stuff I drink.

There is a crisis because “The Big Four” companies that sell 70%-80% of the coffee in the US have worked to find ways to sell cheaper coffee, by buying really bad quality beans and then processing them to change their flavour so that people will actually drink them. They’ve driven the price of coffee down, causing the people who used to grow good coffee to starve or look for other sources of income.

I really recommend you read the article and follow the links in it to read more about this.