Melitta ME1MSB brews coffee and gives the weather

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Every morning, when I am making coffee, I wish that my french press would tell me if it’s going to rain later in the day… Well, not really. But if I you do care about having that feature in my coffee maker then take a look at the Melitta ME1MSB, a 10-cup grinder/brewer combo with a weather forecast display. It gets the weather data from MSN Direct, using FM signals, and no subscription is required.

Features include “brew-pause function allows for pouring a cup midbrew, and its clock display automatically springs forward, falls back, and resets after a power failure. Other highlights include a water reservoir with a large viewing window, high-quality stainless-steel grinding blades, a permanent stainless-steel filter basket, a warming plate with automatic shut off, and hidden cord storage.

But the feature I like the most is “In addition to its optional sleep function, where if the unit is idle for a period of time an animated, napping cat appears”.

You can buy it from Amazon.

Note To Self

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The coffee grinder does not go in the fridge.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll wait until I finish my coffee before putting stuff away.

Restore your coffee grinder

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Although mechanical grinders are really great for grinding your coffee at home (we have one!), they can break down.

This guy found an old grinder at an antique store and decided to restore it. Took it apart and fixed it. And shared the pictures and how to.

Check it out here.

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Zassenhaus Coffee Grinder

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A little while ago Alistair from the Elysian room left a comment recommending the Zassenhaus grinders, I was looking for a good affordable grinder so the timing was perfect. I did some research online and found good opinions of the Zassenhaus so yesterday I decided to go take a look at them. I ended up buying this one:

Zassenhaus Coffee GrinderZassenhaus Coffee Grinder

As you can see, it is a beautiful manual coffee grinder. I’ve only used it twice, I’m actually drinking a cup as I write this. I didn’t have a grinder before so I was stuck with drinking stale coffee at home, so being able to drink a cup made with freshly ground coffee makes a world of difference. It tastes so much better.