How to optimize your caffeine buzz

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Here is an interesting article about how to optimize your intake of caffeine. Some highlights:

small hourly doses of caffeine (.3mg per kg of body weight [approx 20 mg per hour; thanks digg!]) can support extended wakefulness

Caffeine may increase the speed with which you work, may decrease attentional lapses, and may even benefit recall - but is less likely to benefit more complex cognitive functions, and may even hurt others

The beneficial effects of caffeine may be most pronounced in conjunction with sugar.

How do you consume your caffeine throughout the day?

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Vancouver Starbucks Destroyed in Explosion

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Early this morning, a Starbucks on West Broadway and Heather in Vancouver exploded.

At 2:30 am on the morning of February 13th, an explosion in the 600-block of West Broadway in Vancouver leveled several street-level stores, including a Starbucks and Taco Del Mar, and did some damage to the London Drugs across the street. The noise and shock wave awoke residents for many blocks around.

No injuries have been reported, and no structural integrity issues have arisen as a result of the explosion.

Police and fire crews are investigating what caused the explosion and whether or not it was deliberately set. Police Spokesman Constable Tim Fanning said that arson investigators are calling the explosion "suspicious." Eye witnesses are reporting a man running from the area after the explosion. That said, fire investigators are looking into a possible gas leak at Taco Del Mar as the source of the problem.

You can view more photos taken by a local resident here.

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‘I am not a paper cup’

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"I am not a paper cup…", available for sale later this month, is a porcelain cup with a silicone lid that mimics the standard paper cup used across the globe. Eco-friendly and reusable!

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