New Wicked Cafe

On Saturday Ianiv & I went to check out the new Wicked Cafe in downtown Vancouver (861 Hornby Street). We sat down with owner Brad Ford to talk about the new cafe. It’d been a while since we had been to Wicked, the cafe on 7th & Hemlock being one of our more familiar haunts when we lived in Kitsilano.

New Wicked CafeNew Wicked Cafe

The new cafe has the same great vibe of the other, though admittedly a great deal more modern to appeal to the downtown crowd. The decor is simple, but it’s quite a large long space to have plenty of seating for customers. Always a bonus. Wicked Cafe brews Intelligentsia coffee, which we hadn’t had for quite some time. It was nice to try it again!

The new downtown Wicked Cafe has two Clover machines, perhaps among some of the last that smaller cafes will ever see now that Starbucks has bought out the company. If you’ve never tried coffee brewed on the Clover, it works much like a french press does, allowing for a very specific brew process that can be customized to suit the coffee. At Wicked, they brew a stronger cup of Clover-brewed coffee by using about 20% more beans - this adds more base depth to the cup than the typical light overnotes. Both ways of brewing are very good.

So, go check out Wicked Cafe if you’re ever downtown around the Robson area. And thanks to Brad for taking the time to have us down to the new cafe!

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