Teavanna Auto Tea

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Teavana Auto Tea is a32oz loose leaf tea system that claims to be the most "scientifically correct" way for automatic tea brewing. The tea is brewed then stored in the warming pot, and can be brewed from 2-12 minutes.

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Gold in your Coffee

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Japan’s Tsukioka Co. has created edible gold blocks to go in coffee. The "Kin Kirara" (Sparkly Gold) are thin, pure gold word and character blocks - Happy Birthday would set you back about $4

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Raincity Coffee

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I popped into the new Raincity Coffee here in North Vancouver at East 2nd and lower Lonsdale today.

I can’t seem to locate any online reference to Raincity - no website, news or anything - which is a little odd, but it does appear to be local to North Van.

I thought the cafe was in a great spot with lots of light and a very open atmosphere. It was fairly casual, but not upscale. Reminded me more of cafes in Italy than the standard Vancouver-style cafe.

I had my normal Americano and found it to be a little better than Starbucks, but not top of the line. I was hoping to find more about their coffee from their website, but that didn’t seem to happen! They sell beans in their store, but they are branded with Raincity - I do recall seeing that they were roasted in small batches, so perhaps they use JJ Bean coffee.

I think the cafe would be a nice one to sit in and do some work. It’s very bright and that’s a great change from many cafes.

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Top 10 Uses for Coffee Grounds

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Curbly lists the Top 10 Uses for Used Coffee Grounds:

  1. Cellulite reducer (weird)
  2. Dust inhibitor
  3. Flea dip
  4. Cat repellent
  5. Cleaning
  6. Furniture scratch cover-up (good one!)
  7. Dye
  8. Insect repellant
  9. Plant food
  10. Deodorizer

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