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// Coffee Review: Elysian Room

Elysian Room
Arieanna gives it **** (4/4 stars)
Ianiv gives it **** (4/4 stars)

Coffee 95%
Atmosphere 89%
Service 95%

The Elysian Room is a small little spot near Fifth Avenue Cinema. Most people probably give it a try for just this reason. But it is well worth the effort to drive out there and find parking just to have the coffee. The place may be rather small and unassuming, but the coffee is fabulous. Ianiv has been a few times, but I have been only once. We made the trip there to have some cappucinos and a very decadent chocolate cookie. It was a very soothing place. I did not like so much that the barista had her friends around, but she did know her coffee.

I am told that the owner of Elysian room is a very awesome person to get to know. Really into making sure you get an excellent shot and has a wealth of knowledge to share on beans, machines, and even coffee grinders. I look forward to meeting him in the future.

Organic coffee
Very very consistent espresso based beverages
An amazingly smooth cappucino
Serve coffee in small little glasses, the way it should be
Great coffee accessories
Great food & desserts
Amazing baristas

I liked the idea of the decor but found it rather cheap looking

Address: 1778 W. 5th Ave
Location: 5th and Burrard

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Really, I do not care about the decor as long as the coffee is good.

Posted by: Ianiv at February 21, 2021 09:28 PM

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