Arieanna gives it ** (2/4 stars)

Coffee 50%
Atmosphere 55%
Service 45%

I know it’s not needed, but it was fun to write. Despite my low review, I do tend to visit Starbucks about once a week. Around my office we have 3 choices: Starbucks, Artigiano, and Moonpennies - which serves JJ Bean. I have never been lucky enough to have a good cup of coffee at Artigiano (although I hear they can happen), so I’ve always gone to Starbucks. The handiness of the card is my biggest turn on. I love being able to just put some cash onto the card and then walk there without my purse. So handy. I only today found out about JJ Bean being at Moonpennies, so may try there every once and a while, but I still depend on Starbucks for anything more fancy than a drip coffee. Unfortunately.

Now, a little story. A couple of weeks back I had the world’s worse cup of coffee at Starbucks. So bad. Worse than Tim Horton’s bad. I drank it, yes (hey, I need all the caffeine I can get with the meds I am on!), but oh my goodness. So bad. And I got fed up with them not priming my fancy mug. So I complained online. And today in the mail arrives 2 vouchers for ANY starbucks beverage. Well, we all know I will not be trying Chantico again (see here), but I am going to concoct for myself the most expensive beverage I can think of. Grande, double shot, long, soy, peppermint, Caramel Macchiato. Or something equally as complicated. Oh yes.

So my summary, mediocre coffee. But not so bad service.

Have some organic coffee
Have the card!
Good variety in the menu
Make a consistent Americano
Like the vibe of the place. Always comfy and cleanish.
Have to say I like the signage.

Burn the beans
Chantico - why would you cheap out with that crap!
Don’t prime the mugs
Not all baristas are well trained
Drip coffee is very inconsistent
Too commercial
Caters to an audience wanting “more” not “quality”

Location: just about anywhere. Especially in Vancouver. Click here for the one nearest you.