So, I used my coupon today that I received for sending in a complaint to Starbucks (see here for my story). And, of course, with a coupon for ANY free drink, I decided to exploit it and go for an expensive drink. I had to balance out calories, but I did get something quite bad for me anyway. Not like I do it often.

Here is what I had:

Venti quattro Caramel Macchiato

What is this? The tallest Starbucks beverage. 4 shots of espresso. Vanilla syrup. Caramel topping.

The cost: $5.99CAD - FREE!!

I am feeling pretty good right now. Oh yes.

Just goes to show you that complaining is a good thing. a)I got something free for a valid complaint, and b)The manager of this Starbucks got a note re: priming the mugs and throwing out old coffee!

So, complaints are not just something you blog about. Companies that prize themselves on service above all (after all, Starbucks is Starbucks for its atmosphere not its coffee) will take you seriously if you talk to them. And make you happy-ish by giving you something.