Rancilio Espresso Machine for Sale

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I got an email yesterday from Mike, who has had to recently close a cafe here in Vancouver. He's looking to sell his Rancillo Espresso Machine, but hasn't had any takers so far. So, I offered to post the details for him, to see if that would help.

Rancilio Classe 10 SDE, Automatic espresso machine, stainless steel casing, with two filter groups, manual steam and automatic TSC, two hot water nozzles.

This machine is less than a year old, purchased December 2004 and used moderately for nine months in a small independent coffee bar. It has been well taken care of, cleaned every working day and serviced recently to replace rubber seals in filter group. Unfortunately, we had to close our shop and want to find a good home for our baby as we simply don't have space for it at home.

Hooks up to water supply, drain hose at bottom to drain into catch bucket or hook up to drainage system. Runs on 220 V power supply.

Comes complete with three (3) chrome-plated copper portafilters - two double, one single, filter cleaning discs, cleaning brush, TSC cleaning hose, and instruction manuals.

What is the TSC?
An automatic steaming wand, with separate buttons to produce steamed milk for lattes or cappuccinos. Just put the right amount of milk into the steaming pitcher, place the pitcher on the rack with the TSC in the milk, and press the desired button. The machine will even remind you to purge the TSC afterward, which is accomplished by pressing either of the two steaming buttons.

Is it easy to clean?
Extremely! The Classe 10 has automated cleaning cycles, eliminating a lot of the tedious manual work. Most notably, the automatic backflush feature… load the cleaning discs right into the filter holders, add a bit of Purocaff coffee cleaner (or equivalent) load them into the groups and start the cleaning cycle… the machine will clean each group in alternating cycles.

Cleaning the TSC is also easy. You attach the small cleaning tube to the intake nozzle, add cold water to a 1 litre pitcher, add Purocaff (or equivalent) dairy cleaner, place the tube and the TSC in the pitcher of water, and start the TSC cleaning cycle. After a moment, you just need to replace the used water with fresh cold clean water for the rinse… and a couple of minutes later you're done!

What is this machine worth when brand new?
The Classe 10 SDE normally retails at about $8500 US/$10,000 Canadian.

Contact Mike for details.

Solar Roast

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Solar Roast is a roasting company in Oregon that uses 100% organic and fair trade coffee and uses most "Earth Friendly" roasting methods. They can claim this because their roaster doesn't use any fossil fuels: it uses the sun.

Roast Master Michael Hartkop wanted to create a truly organic roasting method and with the help of his brother David they built Helios.

Helios uses a 10 foot solar collector to focus the sun's rays onto a drum roaster. This is enough to reach temperatures of 600 degrees Farenheit. The mirrors automatically track the sun, using solar power for the electronics, making roasting possible all day long. Of course, this only works on sunny days, so roasting during winter in the Pacific Northwest is a bit of a challenge.

They have a nice list of single origins and blends, but they seem to be out of stock right now. I'll give them a try in a few months, when the sun comes out again.

Beautiful espresso machines

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miragetripletteclassic-fronKees van der Westen is a Dutch espresso machine designer, you can see his work on the Espressonistic Works website. I have no idea how good this machines are, but they would certainly be a conversation item in any coffee shop.

An ad goes here

Nespresso - an interesting coffee machine

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What do you think about this coffee machine?


My take - very cool looking bad coffee! Don't waste your $259 (CAD)


Nespresso has revolutionized the way of preparing coffee to deliver the ultimate coffee experience for each one of life’s moments of indulgence.

At the heart of this concept is the unique Nespresso trilogy: the hermetically-sealed, iconic capsules with the large variety of Grand Cru ground coffees, the state-of-the-art, easy-to-use, sleek-looking coffee machines, and the Nespresso Club which offers unmatched personal service...

The Nespresso Grand Cru coffee has the best in-cup quality due to unmatched crema, body and taste. And, the great assortment of coffee blends enable Club Members to select the coffees that match their personal taste preferences, thus creating very individual moments of pleasure and indulgence time and time again.

So, you have to not only buy the machine but join a 'club' because you are locked into the coffee they provide, and no others. And, crema? I doubt it. Oh, and it's from Nestlé. Mass market does not equal quality.

Via gadgetryblog

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Eat! Vancouver 2005 Coffee Reviews

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I forced myself to try each and every coffee variety served at the Eat! Vancouver 2005 convention.

The coffee available was:

Folgers coffee served in the Home Café from Black & Decker
Nestle Coffee-mate Caramel Flavoured Coffee
Barbarba Caffe
Level Ground Trading
Ethical Bean
Salt Spring Coffee Co

In all honesty, I think there might have been others that we just neglected to get brochures of or take pictures of. Overall, there were good, bad and really bad coffees available. But, you can tell I was pretty highly caffeinated after all of this.

Check out each of my above reviews to see what I think.

Coffee Machine Review: Home Café from Black & Decker

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I tried the Folgers coffee served in the Home Café from Black & Decker while at Eat! Vancouver 2005. Sigh. I did not enjoy this one.

The machine features a pod system - water is forced through the pods at high pressure to create the coffee. The tagline for the system is "The One Cup Coffeehouse."

If this were a coffeehouse cup of coffee, I would not return to the cafe. It was watery and completely lacked flavour (although who would want to drink Folgers anyway). So yes, bad. Very bad.

I've not read much about the pod system, but can't imagine why it would make a good cup of coffee. There is a sheath of material between the water and the coffee - wouldn't the material impede the oils from coming out?

New French Press

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Today we purchased a French Press from Bodum. Ianiv wanted something that he can take to work during the week. The coffee served there is some "Elephant" brand in those large awful machines. This way he can make a nicer cup at his desk.

Bodum Chambord 8-Cup Coffee Press

I've asked him to bring it home for weekends. Truth be told, we have a really crappy assortment of espresso machines at home. No plain old coffee machines. A stovetop Moka, a 'lovely' Mr. Coffee so crappy it's not even on their website, and a small pot to make Turkish coffee. It's quite sad, we know. A nicer espresso machine is high on our wish list - it will be included in our wedding registry. But, for now, we think this will be a vast improvement.

Coleman Camping Coffemaker

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Arieanna and I were shopping at an outdoor equipment store when we saw this coffee maker from Coleman. It is designed to be used with their camping stoves, you just put it over the burner, and it features a 10 cup capacity and brewing pause-n-serve in case you cannot wait for the whole thing to finish brewing before drinking your the first cup.

Now, Arieanna and I are not hardcore outdoor types. We go "camping" a few times a year with out friends, but it's not like we go to the backcountry for a weekend just with a backpack on our backs. We take stuff like a two burner stove, an air mattress, things to make our life easier. But that coffee maker is really pushing it...

Travel French press...real life field test

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I was in Vancouver yesterday and my portable French press came with me--of course!  I also found the website for the company--PlanetaryDesign--though the style I have doesn't seem to be available any more--coffee storage in the bottom.  So how did it perform?  Very well.  It started off with regular coffee and the regular lid--the mug holds almost a full four cup pot, btw--and as you would expect it kept the coffee warm for a good long time.
Later in the afternoon, when I needed a nice pick me up, I pulled out my little reseviour of Rhumba, heated some water, and press-to1!  Coffee!  Usually, I have to say, I'm not a fan of French press coffee black., but this was okay.  Next time I'll make sure the water is quite hot and add some milk before I put the plunger lid on.
A good travel mug for sure!
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Why I drink cheap coffee in the morning...

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I live in a place where you can't swing a stick downtown without hitting organic coffee.  All the grocery stores on Island carry organic coffee.  So, why do I drink cheap-o MJB coffee?  Well, it's cheap.  The other thing is that I've found that no matter how good the coffee is a basic auto-drip machine wrecks the coffee.  That hotplate just makes anything taste like dreck.  So, since my first mugs of coffee are intended as rocket fuel, not a taste celebration, I drink cheap coffee first.
Now, for that afternoon cup.  Something to sip a savour a bit.  Oh yeah, I go for the good stuff.  Right now it's a medium/dark blend by Creekmore Coffee called Rhumba.
Of course for company, company gets the good stuff.  At least most of the time ;-).
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Senseo crema controversy

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The Senseo coffee machine by Philips and Douwe Egberts apparently markets itself as the machine "with the delicious crema layer," creating huge controversy for true coffee connoisseurs.


According to the Senseo site, the claim is for a "frothy coffee layer that seals in aroma and taste" - basically, the definition of crema, right?

Well, a couple of points need to be made. First, the Senseo machine uses a pod system. That should flash some warnings. The coffee is already prepackaged in little filters - meaning it is not freshly ground by the time it hits your machine. Combine that with the fact that it's not a fine espresso grind to begin with and the pressure of the system is not strong enough to release the oils needed for true crema, you get a coffee that cannot be called espresso.

Ok, so Senseo first doesn't push enough pressure through to create the crema oils, and any oil that does get created is sopped up in the filter. Great design for an espresso-like machine, heh? Well, they do call it a coffee machine, not an espresso machine... but still, they have gone to the trouble to approximate the look of an espresso. The final coffee created looks like an espresso with crema, but the "stuff" on top is actually just foam.

Second, the stuff on top of the Senseo-produced brew is not crema. They use a little nozzle to drive pressure out to create lots and lots of bubbles to approximate the look and feel of a true crema.

This whole rant is thanks to the great post over at Bloggle: The Coffee Odyssey.

Way, way cool travel mugs at Salt Spring Coffee Co.

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Are you looking for a really cool travel mug?  You've got to come over to Salt Spring Island and check out the Salt Spring Coffee Co. - Ganges Cafe.  Okay get this, a stainless steel (brightly coloured on the outside) mug with a closable lid.  What?  That not cool?  How about this...it's also a portable French coffee press.  Yes, it comes with a second lid that is a French press with a filtered mouth piece to drink from.  Have grounds, add hot water...presto!  Coffee to go!  They have two styles, actually.  One is a straight cylinder, basic and stylish, the other, the other is even cooler.  It has the traditional tapered bottom that will fit into a car cup holder.  Okay so what's even cooler?  The tapered space isn't wasted...it has a sealed compartment to hold fresh coffee grounds.  Yep, so not only can you brew at will, you can even bring your own coffee with you!  I bought the tapered model myself--in a nice royal blue--because I just couldn't pass up being able to have my choice of coffee on hand as I travel.  Now these are a tad pricey, about $30. They are well constructed with non-slip bottoms, good fitting tops, and the tapered model as an O-ring at the taper for a good fit in the cup holder.
I've used mine for both coffee and loose tea and it has performed really well.  The tapered model holds a generous 2 cups/500 ml of beverage of choice (with enough room for a splash of milk).  Round the house I usually use a regular mug, but if I'm heading out before my morning cup, my travel cup is ready and waiting to be called into duty!
More info on Salt Spring Coffee Co. is here.
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America's Test Kitchens does: The 'New' Coffee Makers

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Okay so how much are you willing to spend on a coffee maker?  And is a $200 coffee maker going to make a better cup of coffee than your basic Melita cone on a cup?  America's Test Kitchen--PBS Cooking show--recently did some testing on The 'New' Coffee Makers (free registration required).  So they tested some of the cool new machines, including vacuum method ones that don't look like a bad piece of lab equipment ready to shatter if you put anything other than the best coffee in them.  Their verdict?  These new vacuum ones produce coffee, strong and rich, in the optimum 4-6 minute range, but cost a lot.  They also say that if you like "weak American style coffee" the cone filters are still tops.  There is still hope for the perfect cup, though...they're still looking for coffee Valhalla.
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Top Coffee Machines - Rated by Apartment Therapy

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Apartment Therapy has put out a little list on what they consider to be the Top 11 Coffee Machines.

They divide the coffee machines into Coffee & Espresso machines. The discussion is pretty mixed on the contents of the list. There is also very little to quantify why these are in the top 11 to begin with. Anyway, here is the list:


* Braun KF400 AroMaster 10-Cup Coffee Maker
* Braun FlavorSelect KF180
* Jasper Morrison Coffee Maker - CT800
* Bialetti Moka Express
* Chemex Coffee Maker
* Aldo Rossi French Press
* BODUM MELIOR French Press Coffee Maker 3 cup


* FrancisFrancis! X1 Espresso Maker
* Bodum Granos Espresso Maker
* La Pavoni Espresso Maker
* Dualit Espresso Maker

Despite my love for coffee, we currently have mostly crappy espresso machines - 3 in total, actually. We definitely plan to upgrade... eventually. :)

What do you think? Have you tried any of these?