Barbarba Caffe is a micro-roaster of Italian espresso. The caffee is a part of Lilikoi Specialty Foods. They serve retail, foodservice, and have custom label blends. New to the brand is the resale of green beans to other micro roasters.

We had an espresso each. Although he claimed the coffee to be not bitter, but it was a little tart. Although this blend was to have the sweet note common to Arabica beans, I was not able to taste it. We were not overly impressed and would not seek it out. It’s not awful, but it’s not in the elite class of other Vancouver roasters.

I asked if his coffee was Fair Trade, and the owner, Giuseppe, said no. He put forth an argument that it wasn’t really that important if you work with a good broker and that the peasants still make a living. We didn’t feel like getting into a heated argument, but were not overly impressed.


If Giuseppe happens across this post, it might also help if you redesign your collateral material. :)