Are you looking for a really cool travel mug?  You’ve got to come over to Salt Spring Island and check out the Salt Spring Coffee Co. - Ganges Cafe.  Okay get this, a stainless steel (brightly coloured on the outside) mug with a closable lid.  What?  That not cool?  How about this…it’s also a portable French coffee press.  Yes, it comes with a second lid that is a French press with a filtered mouth piece to drink from.  Have grounds, add hot water…presto!  Coffee to go!  They have two styles, actually.  One is a straight cylinder, basic and stylish, the other, the other is even cooler.  It has the traditional tapered bottom that will fit into a car cup holder.  Okay so what’s even cooler?  The tapered space isn’t wasted…it has a sealed compartment to hold fresh coffee grounds.  Yep, so not only can you brew at will, you can even bring your own coffee with you!  I bought the tapered model myself-in a nice royal blue-because I just couldn’t pass up being able to have my choice of coffee on hand as I travel.  Now these are a tad pricey, about $30. They are well constructed with non-slip bottoms, good fitting tops, and the tapered model as an O-ring at the taper for a good fit in the cup holder.
I’ve used mine for both coffee and loose tea and it has performed really well.  The tapered model holds a generous 2 cups/500 ml of beverage of choice (with enough room for a splash of milk).  Round the house I usually use a regular mug, but if I’m heading out before my morning cup, my travel cup is ready and waiting to be called into duty!
More info on Salt Spring Coffee Co. is here.
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