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I am highly doubting this personal espresso machine is good, but it is pretty sexy nonetheless.

Aroma Espresso Maker


The inspiration for the aesthetically arresting Aroma Espresso Maker came from the sensual aspects of coffee itself. Coffee is a rich aromatic liquid, with similar qualities to a cologne, hence the design aimed to capture the essence of those qualities by being reminiscent of a cologne bottle...

Its transparent casing allows the user to witness coffee being brewed enhancing the sensual experience and to finish it all off, there’s also a cylindrical leather carry bag with a zipper top to protect the coffee machine while traveling...

Functionally, the coffee machines is an innovative adaptation of the traditional Moka/Espresso pots commonly used by Italians as the preferred way to make espresso style coffee at home. Traditionally, once placed on a stovetop, the water in a bottom pressure vessel would boil causing steam pressure to force hot water through a coffee basket. This brews the coffee which pours out a top spout and into a top chamber. The AROMA Espresso Maker uses the same principles but has cleverly re-arranged the pressure and coffee chambers to make the design compact and allow the user to witness the brewing process.[Gizmag]

You can read more about this machine from Gizmag.

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Mukka Express Cappuccino Maker from Bialetti

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Bialetti has released a cappuccino maker dubbed the Mukka Express. There is not much floating around the web on this nifty little gadget, but here is what I've found.

Apparently not a new product from Bialetti, it's marketing campaign has recently been ramping up. Although I cannot rate first hand how good/bad the quality of the maker is, I have to say I am drawn to its design concept. I think the cow motif is fitting for a cappuccino machine. Mucca=cow in italian. Also comes in aluminum. Suitable for 2 cups of cappuccino or milk coffee.

The shape of the Mukka Express is very similar to the one of Bialetti’s traditional espresso maker, but with rounder curves. You fill it in with both water and milk … and coffee obviously, and you pour out a perfectly well mixed cappuccino. You can check how it works looking at the demonstration video (click on the link at the top of the page).[Popgadget]

From the Has Been site:

The new Mukka Express is the first, fully patented 'Stove-Top Cappuccino' maker. It combines the traditional stove-top style of coffee maker with a large size pot for holding the milk. Place the water in the bottom section, coffee in the middle and fill the top section to the maker with milk. Then place on the stove-top and as the water boils to make the coffee, the resulting steam is passed through the milk to froth it. Ideal for 2 mugs of cappuccino or caffe latte. The Mukka Express can also be used without milk for an ordinary espresso.

Available at LaPrima Shops [backordered].

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America's Test Kitchens does: The 'New' Coffee Makers

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Okay so how much are you willing to spend on a coffee maker?  And is a $200 coffee maker going to make a better cup of coffee than your basic Melita cone on a cup?  America's Test Kitchen--PBS Cooking show--recently did some testing on The 'New' Coffee Makers (free registration required).  So they tested some of the cool new machines, including vacuum method ones that don't look like a bad piece of lab equipment ready to shatter if you put anything other than the best coffee in them.  Their verdict?  These new vacuum ones produce coffee, strong and rich, in the optimum 4-6 minute range, but cost a lot.  They also say that if you like "weak American style coffee" the cone filters are still tops.  There is still hope for the perfect cup, though...they're still looking for coffee Valhalla.
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DIY PVC Espresso Machine

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Jason Striegel, editor of Hack A Day came up with this low-tech version of an espresso machine using PVC pipe and a caulk gun. In theory, if the water is the right temperature and you manage to create the right pressure with the plunger, you get an espresso.
From the pictures, the result is not pretty and probably doesn't come anywhere near a real shot of espresso, I can't see any crema in there. You are probably better off getting a cheap stove-top mocha maker, but Jason gets and A for effort.