Caffeine Molecule Tshirt

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Check out this Caffeine Molecule Tshirt from Think Geek:

I'm not that much of a geek, though ;)

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Noix de Coco

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Noix de Coco - art by Silvia Vassileva, makes me want to run off and make a hot chocolate. Mmm.

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One more picture

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Another picture of the Bodum Assam glass:

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What I got for Christmas

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DSCN0882One of the gifts Arieanna gave me this Christmas was a couple of Bodum Assam double-wall glasses. These 7 ounce glasses have a double wall of glass which helps keep your hot drinks hot and cold ones cold. The pictures I took are really bad and they don't make justice to how nice the glasses look, the coffee seems to be floating, a nice effect. Another benefit of the double wall is that the outside of the glass wont sweat so it wont leave any marks on the table.

I don't have any actual data, but I do think that the coffee stayed hot longer than when using our regular cups. The outter wall didn't get hot, just a little warm, so it was easy to hold it comfortably. Thanks Arieanna!

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I will quite openly admit that I don't know much about tamping, and tampers in specific. What makes one tamper better than the other? Not sure, want to research.

But as far as attractiveness goes, this one did catch my eye:

I also think I'm partial to ones that are more natural looking - you know, wood or steel or things like that. Granted, I'd need one seriously high end espresso machine to warrant this puppy, but maybe it'd be an appropriate decorative piece given our passion.

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Coffee for your lips

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Not everyone drinks coffee for the caffeine - some want the taste. For those coffee lovers, here is a treat for you. Perk lip balm from Crazy Rumors :


Perk varieties available in Amaretto, French Vanilla, Mocha, Hazelnut, Coffee Beans, and Irish Cream.

Our irresistible Lip Lattes™ are sure to awaken your senses. We’ve combined some of the most enticing aromas with nature’s finest ingredients, which will leave your lips super soft, protected and feeling splendid. Made with Vitamins A & E, Shea Butter and Natural Coffee Flavors, they’re sure to please the inner coffee lover in you.

Tea flavours also available.

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Travel French press...real life field test

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I was in Vancouver yesterday and my portable French press came with me--of course!  I also found the website for the company--PlanetaryDesign--though the style I have doesn't seem to be available any more--coffee storage in the bottom.  So how did it perform?  Very well.  It started off with regular coffee and the regular lid--the mug holds almost a full four cup pot, btw--and as you would expect it kept the coffee warm for a good long time.
Later in the afternoon, when I needed a nice pick me up, I pulled out my little reseviour of Rhumba, heated some water, and press-to1!  Coffee!  Usually, I have to say, I'm not a fan of French press coffee black., but this was okay.  Next time I'll make sure the water is quite hot and add some milk before I put the plunger lid on.
A good travel mug for sure!
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Furry Coffee Cozies

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I have to admit I am becoming more of a coffee lover every day. And this might just push me even further into the coffee craze. Faux fur coffee cozies. I want one! I don't think I want to foot the bill for one from the UK, maybe I'll check ebay. I wonder if it would fit around my Nissan Thermos...