Senses Bakery & Restaurant, aka Sen5es, is a small little shop well known for its amazing pastries. I figured a place with amazing desserts would want to pair that with amazing coffee. I was sadly mistaken.

Although I think the coffee probably had good roots, I believe the "baristas" are trained more for pastry than for coffee. And the machine they use for coffee attests to this. The coffee was made with the WMF Bistro - it's all push button. Automatic coffee. From Americano to cappuccino. Sounds so wrong.

The funny thing is, I was feeling some hesitation at the bar after noticing the "talent" of the barista in pressing the button. But I was there and on my way to work, so I said what the heck. Noticing also that the price list has different prices for "coffee" vs. "americano" but knowing it was exactly the same for this machine, I opted for the lower priced version of the same drink.

My impression of the coffee was that it was likely not so bad. It had a good flavour to it. But it was not as strong as it should be, and was quite watered down.

Sigh. The life of a reviewer. Can't expect them all to be good.

Coffee: 57%
Atmosphere: 80%
Service: 85%