Caffe Dall’ Acqua

Coffee: 70%
Atmosphere: 90%
Service: 100%

UPDATE: On April 17, I went back for a second try with Ianiv. Lack of crema again made me suspect. The Americano was also too bland and somewhat colder than it should be. My hypothesis is that it is not running hot enough to create a true espresso. I have therefore, based on the disappointing experience and taste, downgraded the Coffee rating from 86% to 70%. It’s a pity. But I will not return. Sigh. So close, such a good start, nice cafe, and yet…

I grabbed a quick Americano out of Caffee Dall’ Acqua today. It’s a cafe that I’ve wanted to try more than a year. It’s barely more than a block from home, but I’ve never seemed to cross it’s path. Sometimes I simply forget it’s there. But I am very happy I went. Turns out they serve Intelligentsia coffee, one of the beans I am seeing crop up more and more in the cafes I rate highly. In this case, the coffee was good but not perfect. It lacked a full creamy body and strong flavour. Perhaps not enough espresso to the water ratio. It was good, no doubt, but not perfect.

I had a chat with the owner while my Americano was being made. He was a very amiable guy. Seemed to just love what he was doing. Trying to capture some of the night life for the young ladies here in Kits. Has a decent shot too. They, like Epicurean cafe, have a liquor license and good food selection. They have an amazingly nice interior. Will have to stay and appreciate it next time. I would say the one thing keeping this place from absolute, busting out the door success would be the location. Yes, it’s in Kits. Perfect corner. But it’s easy not to notice it. Since it’s somewhat on the second floor, although you enter as if it was a main floor as you descend the street, it has no outdoor balcony nor any really loud sign to say “come in”! Cafes that I have noticed with great success are ones that attract via eye candy - you pass by, you notice, you see the food, smell the coffee, see the people, and you just go in. It’s not as much of a decided choice to enter. It’s often a whim.

Anyway, I will be back for sure. I have a Buy 8 get one free card, so I will be working my way through it. Worth your time!

Address: 1602 Yew Street
Location: corner of York and Yew.