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So, while writing that little piece on Intelligentsia , I came across the archives for some of their past ads. So good. Some of the most edgy ads I have ever seen for coffee. Some are really old school - totally look like they are from the 20s or torn from a comic book. The ads feature religious humour, historic references, and even an Alice in Wonderland tea party spoof. My favourites are the “monkey” series. Here is one:

Intelligentsia Coffee

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The topic of Intelligentsia Coffee beans has come up a couple of times in my reviews, so I thought I would read a bit more about the company to see what it is that makes them so good.

Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, Inc. is a Chicago based company whose main goal is to “buy, roast, and serve the finest coffees available.” Maybe not the most unique goal, but perhaps one of the few companies who live by their premise. Intelligentsia buy the green coffee (the fruit seeds - raw coffee) from growers and importers who have socially responsible policies. Their coffee buyer, Geoff Watts, travels extensively to form and maintain these relationships and to extensively cup (taste test) the bean samples. They roast the beans daily in a German roaster.

I think the combination of choosing the best green beens, keeping an eye on the quality of the beans, and a care for the roasting process has developed a really excellent quality of coffee. I only wish they had a closer location. I am sure the coffee that is roasted daily would just be so much better than the week-old variety we get in Vancouver (though, to be sure, it is still a superiour cup). I have heard rumours that a closer roasting location is in the works. Looking forward to it.

The website has an extensive collection of information about the production of coffee, the process of cupping, and much more.