Epicurean Delicatessen Caffé
Arieanna gives it ****(4/4 stars)

Coffee 79%
Atmosphere 86%
Service 81%

This is up there with my favourites. The coffee is all espresso based on a very lovely machine that creates a true crema. I have gone a few times for their Americanos and today tried one of their pastries, the Apple Bundle. I think the coffee is very smooth with just a little punch. What I love about Epicurean, though, has got to be the atmosphere. It is a hot spot here in Kitsilano, always bustling with people. The decor is fabulous and the food is highly rated, especially their paninis.

I will post an update later in the week on their breakfasts: I hear they are very good.

Great espresso machine
2 floor location
Have excellent selection of food: pastries, full meals all day
Liquor licensed
Great decor (marble tables, great art)
Tons of servers to deliver your goodies

Somewhat cramped - Hard to find seating on base floor

Address: 1898 West First Ave
Location: First and Maple in Kitsilano