A week ago I took my cousins to Seymour Mountain to play in the snow and afterwards we all felt like drinking something warm so we all decided to go to Starbucks. I saw the big add for their new hot chocolate, Chantico, and decided to give it a try.

It wasn’t a big dissapointment because I wasn’t expecting much from Starbucks but I’m probably not going to get one again. When I ordered it they had just run out but they quicly prepared some more: put some powder in a pitcher of milk and mix it with a spoon, then heat it using steam from the coffee machine. It was almost like they were making the same stuff you can make at home.
Then I saw the little cup they served it in. A paper espresso cup, they promise 180ml of chocolate, but the cup clearly says that it is a 175ml cup. What’s with that? In retrospect, I should be glad it wasn’t more than that, 6oz of the stuff pack 390 calories and 21g of fat.
It didn’t taste bad, but it wasn’t the ultimate chocolate experience. You can make better stuff at home, with less guilt and much less $ per cup. Go get a bar of 70% cocoa chocolate, mix it with very hot milk and add sugar and maybe cinnamon to taste, you’ll see what I mean.