So, I went today for breakfast at Epicurean.

First note, they really need to open earlier. I got up all nice and early to go to breakfast with my mom, who is still on Toronto time. But, alas, NOTHING in Kits was open. Our first stop was Epicurean, as I had previously indicated, and then we tried Sophies. Closed also. Getting desperate and a little hungry, we headed for the standby of De Dutch. Not only was the one on Main not open, it had been closed… permanently. Having wasted most of the half hour we could have waited at Epicurean, we headed back and were the first customers in the door.

I had a great Americano. First off the machine. Mmmm. Topped it off with a lovely couple of very fine and very fluffly panckaes with ricotta spread and blueberry syrup. Really makes you think twice about “simple” pancakes. If you want a breakfast out of the ordinary, I would consider Epicurean. Just don’t go early. :)

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