Melriches Coffeehouse
Arieanna gives it *** (3/4 stars)

Coffee 70%
Atmosphere 77%
Service 70%

It was an ugly and rainy day here in Vancouver. My mom is visiting from Toronto for only a short time, so we decided to go out anyway. After doing some shopping at Urban Fare and around Yaletown, we headed to Melriches for coffee and a nice lunch.

At first, I was very pleased. It was a nice place with good seating, nice servers, and even a little bar area. I stuck with the drip coffee today, having a nice dark Cuban drip. I am not sure of their supplier, but I did enjoy the brew, saying something nice about their machines.

For lunch, we both had omelettes. I opted for the “healty” option listed, which was grilled veggies. Nice spinach, peppers and stuff. My mom had ham & cheese. One of the best omlettes I’ve had - I didn’t even need to ruin it with ketchup.

So, I walked out quite happy and pleased with my experience at Melriches. Until about a half hour later when my “fat-o-meter” stomach told me I had done something bad. After a couple hours of suffering, that “yummy” omelette had become my enemy. I am not sure of the source of the fat - maybe oil in grilling the veggies and some cream &/or butter in the eggs (hence its yumminess), but it’s not an experience I plan on again. So, if I venture back to Melriches I will stick to coffee and pastries.

Nice drip coffee
Good food selection - all day breakfast
Bar with tv area
Very open feeling in the layout
FatPort wireless

Far from healthy food - cut the fat!
Not the cheapest lunch food

Address: 1043 Mainland Street, Vancouver
Location: Mainland & Nelson, Yaletown