Trees Organic Coffee
Arieanna gives it **** (4/4 stars)

Coffee 80%
Atmosphere 85%
Service 90%

Update: I have revised my overall rating here from 4/4 stars to 3/4 stars. Why? I still love Trees, don’t get me wrong. I still buy it exclusively for my home brew. But I am convinced that, although Trees has THE best drip coffee in town and is hard to outdo on bean quality, they don’t pull the world’s smoothest or most consistent espresso. I am fairly sure this is due to the barista training (love that the owner hires what appears to be travellers, but it makes for inconsistency in the brew). So… still think you must go to Trees. But it’s for those of you who love a good drip coffee.

This is my all-time favourite coffee shop. I discovered it about 3 years ago when I first started drinking coffee. I was a late coffee-lover from some bad grocery bought coffee experiences, but this was my awakening.

Why do I like Trees? Despite trying many organic brews and many freshly roasted varieties, I still find this one my fave. No matter which blend I try (although I usually go for the dark), I am always very pleased. It is very smooth. Like creamy silk. Even without adding milk. The prices are very reasonable and they have great deals on Lattes on Tuesdays. I always go for the plain drip coffee here. It’s the only place where drip is so good I don’t need to order anything fancy.

I recommend getting the Peruvian or Dark Mexican. You can also get some beans to go. I drink it at home and at work.

Organic, fair-trade
Roasted on-site
Amazing scones, cookies, sandwiches
Claim for the best cheesecake in Vancouver
Discounts of 10% for students and bus drivers
Frequency card for free coffee
Free wireless access
Great decor, comfy place
Live music some days
Great service

Uses styrofoam cups (which seems to clash with their brand)
Update: they have now switched to paper cups. Wohoo.
Inconsistency in barista talent

Address: 450 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC
Location: North of the corner of Granville & Pender