Starbucks has tested the waters of Renewable energy by announcing a Renewable Energy Plan.

From Treehugger:

Starbucks has announced that it is committing to buying 5% of the electricity for US stores from renewable power sources. The press release from Starbucks states that they will be purchasing wind energy through energy certificates. The power will be generated by approximately 11 large-scale windmills, and it is estimated to cut emissions by two percent in its stores.

The change, while modest, will put the company into the current top 25 U.S. purchasers of renewable energy. However, other companies such as Whole Foods, Staples, Kinkos and BMW, are already in the top 25, and purchase 10% of their energy needs from renewable sources.

Now, let’s see them also do something to decrease the waste from their cups, sugar packets, and stir sticks.