Well it’s been a week since the Blogaholics visited.  They brought me a French press, great coffee, and their super duper grinder.  I made one small pot of dreck while they were there.  Then, then I discovered what real coffee is supposed to taste like.  Yep, no going back for me.  Salt Spring Coffee all the way, or similar if in a pinch.  It does just taste better to have really good, fresh roasted-I don’t think I could’ve gotten my coffee much fresher-freshly ground, and immediately brewed.
So, while my coffee consumption quantity might be way down, the quality is way up.  I’ve also found that this Roaster’s Special I’m drinking has a serious kick.  One mug gets me going most mornings, two at most.  Three and I don’t need to touch the ground to move because I’m levitating.

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