Tempting lawsuits seems like it is all a part of the game. There have cropped up some interesting Starbucks knockoffs around the world that I’d like to share.

Starlight Coffee


Where? Santiago, Chile… down the street from a real Starbucks

Decor inside is spot on as well

Via Boing Boing

This one is far more interesting unusual. Not even coffee. It’s a pet store - bugs only.

Starbugs Beetles

Where? Danshui, Taipei County Taiwan


Proprietors of Ethiopian only coffee - all in the midst of a Starbucks-like decor, green aprons, green logo, and more.

Where? Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia

Why? Partnership into Starbucks was denied. The region is filled with knockoffs that, in many cases, spring up because of a refusal of US investment. They show proof of a growing economy. The Kaldi’s shops also include waiters and ample parking for drive in service, which are a part of the new affluent society that likes to be treated well when out.

via Boing Boing and Addis Ababa Journal

She said she did not feel the least bit guilty about her imitation cafe. After all, legend has it that coffee itself originated in Ethiopia long ago when a goat herder named Kaldi noticed his goats prancing around with glee after eating some strange red berries. Yemen, just across the Red Sea, makes its own claim as the birthplace of coffee. Whatever the case may be, one thing is clear: coffee did not originate in Seattle.

Ms. Asrat has the history of Kaldi printed on the wall of her cafe, proudly promoting the Ethiopian roots of her product. But even there Starbucks was the inspiration. Ms. Asrat acknowledges that she knew nothing about the legend of Kaldi until she read about him on the Starbucks Web site.Addis Ababa Journal

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