I may love my coffee, but I actually am a really huge fan of tea as well. Tend to drink my tea in the afternoon or sometimes an hour or so before bed to relax - yes, even a caffeinated tea relaxes me. Always has.

Anyway, I am pretty much a lazy steeper. Unless Ianiv is doing my tea (and he uses a timer) I just leave the darn teabag in there. Can’t be bothered to take it out.

Well, this product is made for people like me. Great for the perfect cup of tea! The Tea Bag Timer, for just over $50, can make a great brew of tea cause it does all the work for you. Plus, since you control the time, you can steep it to your perfect level, or that recommended for the tea vs. water amount you are using!

The tea bag timer steeps the tea bag (or included tea ball) into the cup for the time you specify. Just set the timer for between 2 and 20 minutes, depending on your preference. When the time is up, the stainless steel arm lifts the tea bag up and rings a bell letting you know your perfectly brewed cup of tea is ready.

The tea bag timer operates with a spring mechanism and therefore requires no batteries.

tea_bag_timer Available here

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