Here’s a handy list for when you need to pull a few extra hours out of your day. Which product has the most caffeine?

Espresso 100mg to 150mg a cup.

Instant coffee 65mg to 100mg a cup.

Decaffeinated, instant 2mg to 3mg a cup.

Tea 40mg to 80mg a cup

Cocoa and chocolate drinks 40mg to 80mg a cup.

Cola 35mg to 50mg a 330ml can.

Chocolate 150mg a family-sized bar.

Red Bull Marketed as an energy drink, a 250ml can provides taurine, a stimulating amino acid, and about 80mg of caffeine.

ProPlus With 50mg of caffeine a tablet, it has gained a reputation for giving an instant jolt to the weary.

Guarana This berry, grown in northern Brazil, produces seeds with the caffeine-containing substance guaranine. Drunk as carbonated cola, it contains two to three times more caffeine than coffee or tea.

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