Oh, did I suffer! Two whole weeks without good coffee. Not to say I didn’t try to find some! I spent the last two weeks in Ontario, and a few of those days in Montreal. I felt sure to find a good cup of coffee in Montreal, but was sorely disappointed. I stuck my head into I don’t know how many cafes before giving up early one afternoon and going to Van Houtte. Blah. Don’t even need to review that, now do I?

The second attempt at good coffee was in a more French part of Montreal on a street whose name I’ve forgotten at the moment but that starts with an L. I am on the plane right now, so I don’t have my references. I will, however, fully review this cafe. Not because it was good, but because I actually believed it would be. Oh, it even smelled horrid after I got the cup. Don’t be misled by a good smelling cafe - it doesn’t always mean a good cup of coffee!

Anyway, after exhausting myself trying to find a good cafe, I even reduced myself twice to get Tim Hortons, which I abhor, out of sheer necessity when driving. So bad.

Perhaps I should have remembered to take my beans with me! And I totally need a travel french press for one person, I think. This whole searching for cafes thing is not working out so well! And I don’t consider Starbucks a viable alternative, either!

So, unless I can scour reviews of cities before I go to see a) what is good, and b) if I can get there, I had better be prepared to travel with coffee!

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