I think when you drink your coffee speaks to an interesting thought: is coffee a ritual or a necessity?

I was thinking about this because I noticed that most days we didn’t start making coffee till around 10am or so. For us, we like to wake up, eat, get the nasty email out of the way, and then go about making coffee for the rest of the day’s work.

Therefore, coffee is not just a break for us in the morning, but a ritual. We choose our coffee (walking to get it if we are out), grind it up, prepare the french press, then wait for it to brew. Since we both use travel mugs exclusively, we then drink it for a fair amount of time.

On the other hand, the days when we treat ourselves to coffee, we usually take a midmorning or early afternoon walk, go to a cafe, and really sit and enjoy our coffee. This is even more of a ritual for us.

I would hate to arrive at one day when coffee is such a necessity that we lose the ritual and stop admiring coffee for its taste and the pleasure it brings into our day.

So, I would ask all coffee drinkers out there to see if they are drinking coffee for the need only, or for something more too…

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