This week has been beyond insane. If you read my other blogs, or even just Blogaholics, you know that I’ve just come out of a big product release (or, rather, 2 products) - Qumana and AdGenta. One a blogging editor, the other an advertising program that works with Qumana.

So, I have had my head down working like a madwoman. OMG it was insane. For example, I got up today, sat at my computer, and didn’t have time to leave it except to shower, grab food and talk on the phone. I didn’t get my coffee until about half an hour ago - coffee at 4pm! So off my regular 10 am schedule. If we hadn’t stocked up on coffee, I don’t even think I would have had time to go get it.

So, I have notes from my reviews of 2 awesome coffees given to us by Elysian Room and I cannot wait to post them. Soon. ;)