I keep my eye on cool gadgets and whatnot for my Cooking Gadgets blog, and one of my feeds pulled up something interesting. It’s called the “Agitor”.

The Agitator is a new concept to stir coffee. A button on the bottom of the cup can be pressed and the coffee then stirs, or ‘agitates.’

The system involves a small pocket of space, surrounded by a soft plastic membrane, at the bottom of the cup. The membrane has small holes, allowing the liquid to fill the space. By pressing on the space from the below the cup, it forces the liquid back out of the holes, thus “agitating” the contents.

It’s the idea of Creighton Schlebach, who wanted an easier way to keep his coffee stirred during moments when he didn’t have any free hands. He says you can use it for other stuff too, like instant soup, chocolate milk, and such.

It does have the benefit, I admit, of stirring your coffee in places where it might not be fun to do so, like say a moving vehicle. No hot coffee spills. Then again, I have my lovely mug, and I can just shake the darn thing. ;)

Via Strange New Products