One of my fellow b5ers, Gayla, caught this news before I did. A new tactic by Starbucks. Now, we know that Starbucks has primarily built itself off viral marketing - stuff on the streets, word of mouth, and most nontraditional marketing efforts. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that they have co-opted the huge attention being placed on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner (“Bennifer”) by offering them a sponsorship contract.

Considering that people are absolutely obsessed with Jennifer’s upcoming baby, often posting every picture out there as a “bump watch”, being the favorite mom-to-be, and that their relationship is very hot in the news, a product placement comes at a good time. I’m sure it hasn’t slipped the minds of the marketers behind this that placing a large Starbucks cup in Jennifer’s hand while pregnant could potentially get them more to-be or nursing mothers, who might otherwise stay away. It’s all about image.

A Lowdown spy reports that the caffeinated couple has snagged an exclusive “seven-figure” contract with Starbucks Coffee Co. to drink, be photographed with and generally promote the popular java around the country.

“It’s a relatively new deal,” says the insider. “And considering how often they are photographed with the stuff, I’d say they’re working pretty hard.”

Bennifer II - who married in June and are expecting a baby girl any day - are rarely seen in public without their trademark oversize cups emblazoned with the ubiquitous Starbucks logo. And with his career in the dregs and hers on hold, a hefty endorsement deal could be just their cup.

Of course, the rumors are being denied, as they would even if they were true. Guerilla marketing is guerilla for a reason.

Pic via popsugar