Caffee Artigiano has recently gotten into the coffee roasting business. Alongside that, they have started expansion to other retail environments.

One aspect of their development that I’m very happy to see is their use of logical barcodes with roast dates.

I say logical because there are some brands of coffee I do like at the grocery store. For example, Salt Spring is carried at Capers.

However, the roast dates on most bags are either not visible or not logical. My past experience looking for the roast dates was to find a whole bunch of numbers that seemed to make sense as a roast date. And yet, if it were a roast date, it would mean the coffee was a month old, or more. And I kept checking every week or two to see if the numbers changed. They did not. My conclusion was that the numbers I was seeing were either not roast dates, or there are retail issues at Capers (btw, no staff member knows anything about them, as we asked many times).

So, Artigiano, congrats on making your roast date clear. Hopefully you have success also in ensuring your coffee is shelved properly.

From Dwell Time