This is the coffee we had at a bakery in Holland, specifically in Gouda. The coffee was decent and satisfying, as it was quite a cold day. We found that coffee in Holland was more consistent of a certain level. And, as a bonus, a great deal of places in Holland serve you a little cookie with your coffee. With tea too. We ate a lot of cookies.

This is the only picture of coffee we took in Holland, but we did have others - at another lovely bakery in Gouda (where they also make stroopwaffels) we enjoyed also a good cup. Now, good is not great, but after a month of bad, it was quite refreshing.

An interesting thing to note: the Dutch enjoy more coffee per capita than any other country in Europe. My family, with whom we stay, have about 3 cups a day (and note that this is ‘not as much as others’) - the national average is at 3 cups per day.