How much caffeine is in your coffee? Does it depend on the coffee?

Nutrition Action Healthletter has a Caffeine Corner chart that gives the mg of caffeine in beverages. For example:

  • Caffe Americano, short (8 oz.) Starbucks 35mg
  • Coffee, tall (12 oz.) Starbucks 375mg
  • Coffee, non-gourmet (8 oz.) 135mg
  • Cola (16 oz.) 50mg
  • Tea, leaf or bag (8 oz.) 50mg

So, if you are looking for a caffeine jolt from Starbucks, avoid the espresso based drinks (latte, etc) and go for plain old coffee. And if you are going based on caffeine only, Starbucks packs more caffeinated punch than other coffee houses.

Via Boing Boing