Ianiv just celebrated his 27th birthday. Recently, Ianiv started a new job, and for a birthday gift, my mom gave him a Bodum Chambord 3-Cup Coffee Press

Ianiv has been making coffee before leaving for work, around 8 am, for the both of us in our 8-Cup Bodum and taking it in his Thermos Nissan Travel Mug (we both have them now, because they are the best mugs ever).

However, as the afternoon goes on… such early coffee means it runs out earlier. We are both used to our coffee around 11am when I finally pry Ianiv from his email and beg for him to make it. Now, he does it regularly. So, to give him a little jolt at work, he can now brew a second cup all to himself.

Only problem, Ianiv will have to grind and measure his coffee before going to work every day. Oh well ;)

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