Last week we were at the Elysian Room and got to taste a new coffee they were sampling, NOVO coffee. Both coffees were made on the Clover.

I tried the Ethiopian (Sidamo, HACHE).

From high in Sidamo where people live longer than in all of Ethiopia, locals wrap themselves in beautiful woven blankets for comfort in the cool mountains. Hache is hours deep on the rough road into Sidamo. Nearby giant waterfalls and cool running rivers enhance the peacefulness of Hache Coop, run by the keenest deep-country accountant we’ve ever met.

It was like a breath of fresh air. We have been drinking the same coffee from Intelligentsia, the Honduras, and I’ve been keen on something new. Ethiopian coffees have always been in my top favorites, and this was no exception. It had such a beautiful soft taste in the mouth and a great finish. I would love more of this one.

Ianiv tried the Sumatra Tawar

From the Lintong and Aceh regions surrounding Lake Tawar, the gigantic and beautiful beans of the Novo Tawar display intense, syrupy, spicy earth flavor and a lengthy, sweet finish.

Flavor Profile: sweet, spicy, fragrant earth

His had a more tart taste, but not really tart. It was just more of a sharp taste than a full bodied one. Had lots of flavor profile to it. Very good as well.

NOVO Coffee is in Denver, and the Brodsky family has been roasting there since 2002. For more, read here.

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