Java Juice - liquid coffee extract. Just add water.

Well, I think I’d probably go for this over coffee-in-a-can concepts, but indeed it’s a crazy caffeine concept. It’s a pure coffee extract that you add to water to make coffee - like instant coffee, but not quite as crappy.

From the Java Juice FAQ:

Java Juice® is a single-serving pouch of liquid coffee concentrate. A pure coffee extract, Java Juice is made from 100% premium, organic coffee beans and triple-filtered water, nothing else. No additives or preservatives. Java Juice® is a pioneering coffee product designed for hundreds of different uses. Use Java Juice® for making superior organic coffee on the go, at home, for cooking, camping and much more. Rip it, drip it, and sip it.

How do you extract juice from a coffee bean?

We start with the finest organic, premium grade 100% Arabica coffee beans. We fresh roast the coffee beans and immediately extract the pure coffee liquor. Java Juice is then individually packaged in special barrier film that seals in the full flavor and aroma of the coffee for up to six months. We source the beans from only the finest harvests; then roast them to perfection at our certified organic coffee roastery. Then, a patented process extracts a concentrated liquid from the roasted beans, retaining all of the aroma and body of fresh brewed coffee.

There’s a contest going on right now for recipes using Java Juice. I think I’d be tempted to use this for cooking over instant coffee any time, but I am not sure about drinking it.

Anyone tried it?

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