The Sorapot is a teapot designed by Joey Roth to be for white and green teas, which are very heat sensitive.

The stainless steel arch acts as a large heatsink that quickly dissipates the water’s heat as the tea steeps, preventing the bitterness that comes from oversteeping in too-hot water. The tea is poured at a comfortably warm drinking temperature after a few minutes of steeping.

The arch’s natural flexibility allows it to act as a clamp that creates a watertight seal at either end of the
central glass tube. This clamping action is controlled by the ball strung on the wire that runs under the tube.
When the ball is in the upper position it sits in a circular cut in the arch and holds the wire tight, clamping
the arch around the tube. When the ball moves down its distance to the front of the arch is decreased just
enough to release the tension on the wire, allowing the tube to be removed for cleaning.

Although this is a concept design piece, I hope it gets picked up as a product by a company such as Alessi that appreciates modern design.

Via cribcandy