Starbucks baked goods are just as bad as any fast food burger. After many years, they’ve decided to clean it up. Well, not so much decided, as rather caved into pressure to do so. But, who’s mincing words…

However, getting all Starbucks trans-fat free will take time. Each region has its own local bakery and food supply chain, and all must be adjusted.

To review the nutritional content of your local Starbucks, you must enter your ZIP on the website. Nutritional values vary for the same reason as above - different suppliers. From those I’ve tested, none appear to have trans fat left on the menu.

However, the fat content itself is still astronomically high. Also interesting to note that the no sugar products have pretty much the most fat. 27g of fat for the no sugar banana nut coffee cake. That’s 8 extra grams of fat over a blueberry scone, if you can believe it.

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