I’m a fan of the medium-dark blended coffees.  Nice balance, not too bitter or strong.  I’m also a fan of supporting local roasters who sell organic, shade-grown, and fair-trade coffees (sometimes you have to mix and match these three).  Recently I found a new roast by Creekmore Coffee of Qualicumm Beach (sorry, can’t find a website) at my local Country Grocer store.
Rhumba is an organic, shade-grown, and fairly traded coffee.  It’s 2/3 medium, 1/3 dark blend and very lovely to drink.  I’ve had a couple cups of it now, brewed two different ways, and I’m happy to say that this coffee is going to be a regular member of my coffee stash.
First brew was a three Melita scoop, ground in my Braun coffee grinder (about 3 10-second pulses) and made in my Roasting Company French Press cup.  Very nice.  I let it steep for a while (like 5 mins) before  I pushed the plunger (I also added milk before plunging).  Nice, rich brew.  Lots of coffee flavour, but not bitter.
My next cup was in my two-cup Melita cone (two scoops beans, 3 10-second pulses) into a regular mug.  I did my usual-as per Cook’s Illustrated-pour a little hot water in to thoroughly wet, warm, and soak the grounds, then pour in the rest of the water slowly (some folks might pour the remaining water in two stages, but I’ve found that it didn’t make an appreciable difference in taste).
This cup was mellower, of course, but also smoother and I think a nicer coffee flavour.  Nice for sipping over a little while.  I also kept it on my coffee warmer (I know, gasp, the horror), and the coffee didn’t even start getting burnt or bitter after several minutes.
As they say on the bag…this is a coffee you’ll dance over.
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