Thanks to Roland’s suggestion yesterday, I went over to Prado Cafe on Commercial & 4th today.

Was a little mixed on the whole minimalist vibe, though I quite appreciated the woodwork. Coffee wise, I am not sure yet. First off, it must be admitted that I was a tad off put by the milk dispensers - didn’t quite get it at first. Not your standard dispenser. Simple, yes, but yet I managed to overpour. So, my rating of the coffee is going to be held back until I can give it an official second go.

However, milk accident aside, I did find the coffee smooth if not rather on the weak side. No trace of bitterness, overroasted beans, or other obvious flaws. But I think perhaps too weak tasting - not enough power. The kick was still there, don’t get me wrong. It put me into the brisk walk type of mood, but I was not overly impressed. I would put it along the lines of a Take 5 type coffee in terms of its taste, but perhaps a little under par.

I will not comment further until a second try. Yes, it was good but it did not wow me. Perhaps I am getting to be a better judge of coffee after having tried many good varieties at this point. I am even rethinking my earlier high ratings of some cafes in light of comparative samples.

So, that’s it for now. Go try it and tell me if you disagree with my assessment. But don’t take pictures. Apparently that’s not allowed.