JJ Bean review
Arieanna gives it 4 stars, Ianiv gives it 4 stars

Coffee 89%
Atmosphere 84% (chain average)
Service 90%

We’ve been drinking JJ Bean for a couple of weeks now. Always very impressed. We have so far tried the location at Granville island and today went over to the newest location at Main & 14th - so new, it’s not even listed on the JJ Bean website.

I know you must be getting tired of seeing such high ratings on many of our reviews. Well, at this stage we’re just seeking out cafes that other people rave about. And really, no coffee we rate highly is exactly the same. We like them for different reasons.

Why do we like JJ Bean? Well, it has a more distinctive taste, I think. It has more of a tartness to it. More bite, but really not an overpowering bite. I think it has a rich flavour.

I really enjoy patronizing local roasting houses, because the coffee is just so much better for its freshness. JJ Bean roasts 3 times per week. They have great info on their site about how they roast. I don’t want to overpost on that.

Anyway, great coffee, great baristas - I’ve never encountered anything but an interesting, animated barista. And I love the brand itself - look at the coffee sleeve and you will notice it says “Moo” in place of “Milk.”

Anyway, go try it. :)