Calhoun’s is a cafe on Broadway oft frequented by UBC students, and with a very laid back style. Rustic is maybe a good term. It’s a large cafe, opened up by a set of barn doors and with great old wood tables scattered all over the place. I have always enjoyed the decor. I’ve never been to Calhoun’s for live music, but they do have a good series of music some nights.

I had my first coffee at Calhoun’s last week. I’ve been to the cafe many times, but I think it was always at night and I stayed to tea or steamed milk or hot chocolate. Of of these late night beverages were pretty good.

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However, coffee was not good. The machine was not so great, and the barista didn’t ask how many shots of coffee I wanted before measuring coffee - thus just running the water extra long. It really does not have much in the way of good points. It was worse than anything I could make on a bad day at home, so that was not fun.

So, go to Calhoun’s to hang out, have some good tea and a nice dessert. But don’t go for coffee.

Coffee: 40%

Service: 78%

Atmosphere: 82%

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