Caffeine is a lovely thing. Don’t know how I ever did without it. But, though coffee may boost alertness and concentration for a while, it doesn’t last forever. And, like anything we crave, we need to have our limits.

Fox news reports that there is a right way to drink coffee and caffeine in general:

“The right way is to know how it affects your body and your reasoning,” says registered dietitian and epidemiologist Gail Frank. “The wrong way is to use it in an abusive way, and that means going without sleep and then drinking a lot of coffee to get the perk.”

In fact, too much caffeine may also lead to health problems like high blood pressure, brittle bones, trouble sleeping, and just plain irritability.

So, what are good coffee habits?

- Add milk to your coffee for the calcium

- Reconsider that 2nd cup and know your own limits

- 1-3 cups of coffee is ok for most people without any negative effects

- Don’t drink it when pregnant - it may not be conclusive, but is it worth it?

- Know that some brands and roasts have more caffeine than others

- Balance coffee intake with knowledge of other caffeine you are consuming: pop, tea, chocolate, some cold medications

- Withdrawal from caffeine usually only lasts 48 hours… or until the next cup

- Know if your medications interact

via Badgett’s Coffee eJournal