A consumer report came in from WFAA on Wolfgang Puck’s coffee in a can - which I have explained when it was released and also with the MAKE deconstruction.

James Andrews gives the coffee a try. Here is the review:

When testers tried it at room temperature, it worked well. In about six minutes you get a hot cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, the coffee didn’t taste all that great.

When the cans were stored in a 39-degree refrigerator, the testers ran into a problem. The coffee only got lukewarm.

“If you have them outside on a cold day—say you’re ice skating or camping and you activated it—it wouldn’t get very hot,” said Consumer Reports’ Megan Steintrager.

Testers found if the can is stored in a hot location, the results can be downright dangerous.

“When we put them in a car on a sunny day, the coffee inside reached almost 200 degrees when heated,” Steintrager said. “That’s hot enough to scald you.”

Even worse, steam and hot liquid leaked from all four drinks tested as they heated up. And says there’s yet another drawback to the coffee in a can: the packaging is bulky and is not recyclable.

Ok, so granted the market is open - even a small chunk of a $9 billion industry for specialty coffees alone is a big hunk of cash. But, please, do not spend it on this! One - torture! Two - it’s far worse than disposing of a cardboard cup. Think of all the waste in that sucker.

Oh - and why not give a shot to a good travel mug. Even less waste.

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