Direct Trade Coffee - a step up from Fair Trade. And something Intelligentsia is taking quite seriously.

What is Direct Trade?

Working closely with the growers to offer a good price for good quality. This includes paying more than fair trade (25% more), with transparent pricing along the entire line, and giving the recognition due for an amazing coffee. Additionally, coffee must be produced by economically, socially and environmentally sustainable methods

Intelligentsia has formed a commitment to these things, and to visiting these farms and villages each harvest to ensure coffee is grown well, harvested well and celebrated.

To read more of the Intelligentsia Direct Trade, go here.

I am very happy to hear of these practices, since Intelligentsia coffee is high on my list of favorites.

Thanks to Brad of Wicked Cafe for the pointer and the coffee. Great as always. My first iced coffee of the season - if only the weather would catch up to my cravings!

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