You know the great thing about writing for a coffee blog is getting to do coffee reviews.  I’ve drank coffee-granted mostly bad, generic coffee-since high school-strong and black at first, milk or cream now.  I’m lucky enough to live on a somewhere that not only has several wineries/vineyards and a brewery but also it’s own local coffee roaster. Salt Spring Coffee Co (aka Roasters and Salt Spring Roasting Company) has been roasting coffee for years now.  The esteemed CBC commentator, author, and Salt Spring resident Arthur Black has even commented on this noble establishment-in addition to being a regular.
So I not only got to experience my first cupping today, but I got to do it right in my own backyard-proverbially.  Arieanna is going to write up a great review of it, but I’d like to personally thank Robbyn and Mickey for telling us all about how they got started in the roasting business, roasting and brewing coffee, and most of all for the lovely gift of coffee we got to take home.
The Blogaholics and I are going to start the day with Ethiopian and followed by Roaster’s Special.  You know tasting five different coffees-five rather different coffees-was amazing.  You can really start to tell subtle differences.  Now I also know what I really like-medium/dark blend, heavier towards dark.
Robbyn and Mickey, thanks again and we’ll see you Monday morning for the view into the whole roasting process!
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