A couple of weeks ago, after a nice hike at Cypress, Ianiv & I stopped at The Village at Park Royal to have a look around. I had heard of it during building but never went over to see. More than I expected. I expected a more West Vanish kind of Home Depot and a jumble of stores. But this was far superior. Very touristy with lots of nice little shops. A Whole Foods Market I would shop at a ton more just for the bread and cheese selection. Also a great little tea place we plan to go back to for the tea “experiences” offered - it’s called the Urban Tea Merchant.

However, at this time we went to Delany’s. It was a day before their “Grand Opening” - it had a very nice decor. Comfortable and stylish. The coffee comes from JJ Bean.

Ok, so for the review. I have before been to Delany’s at its Edgemont Village location. Love the food. Thought the coffee was good. Here is my problem with Delany’s. First, it is not clear that the coffee is JJ Bean. They put it in their own bags, which is fine. But what I don’t like is that they have put all over their walls messages about fresh roasting since 199x (I forget the date). The point is - they DO NOT roast. JJ Bean does. I find it very misleading. Also, we had a peak at the coffee bags on display for sale and most, if not all, were over a week old. So much for freshness.

So, we interrupted the youthful chat of the baristas and ordered our coffees. Disappointing. It was evidently partly the cause of older coffee and partly a lack of skill in making my Americano - the result - I actually had to add Vanilla sugar to make it drinkable. Sad. Next time we’re off to The Market we’ll try the coffee at the Whole Foods Market - or the tea. Not here.

Service - 70%

Coffee - 66%

Atmosphere - 83%